Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Sponser

Olddaze MC parts has come on board. Check out his blog just click on the pic down there on the right. Watch for a profile on them soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Left Lane Cruisers

Dig the art?

We'd be remiss if we didn't thank Logi for the kick ass art! Check him out he does great work.

Posters will soon be available.

Graphic Designer for hire


Brett Logan logi0643@gmail.com

Location & the ride

Here is the map of the ride portion of the event to date. This may change some. You can also use the link to get to our location from where ever you hale. Just click on "the barn" or "Conservation Club" hit "get directions" type in your starting point & let Google do the rest.

Who, what, when & where

that's right fellas, mark them calendars....

AUGUST 1st 2009

This will be 'the shindig' for summer (may have another barn party around the same time, but it will be a smaller gathering). Here's the rundown:

Everyone meets @ the barn (i'll get directions/maps whatnot going closer to the date) PRE 4:00 (16:00 for you army types). There will prolly be a small party friday night for you hardy types that want to make a whole weekend of it, or just wanna pitch-in on organizing the madness.

Bikes will be leaving from the barn @ 4 sharp! make sure you get there a few minutes early, or get earlier and check out some grudge racing action!

Going for a cruise (route to be determined) of around 80-100 miles, with stops for breakdowns & whatnot. We'll have a couple chase trucks on hand, so you can off-load your gear for the cruise, as well as tools. Said chase trucks will also be the beer wagons, it will be BYOB, with a stop @ a party shop right before the end of the run. Go in, buy your drinks, load em in the truck, motor on to the party. We will provide coolers/ice.

Cruise will end @ the Conservation Club just outside of town here. Should be rolling in about 7pm, to settle in for the evenings activities It has a nice open area for parking, plenty of camping room. There will be LIVE entertainment, bike games, a burnout pit and more! We are in negotiations with a some bands and the tentative line up looks like this:



and prolly some form of the Belltones, and who know's what else. Gonna ask $3 for riders/$5 couples, or $5 if you just wanna come hang out and have a good time, hate to do it, but this one's gonna be BIG, and consequently costly, but come on now, 5 bucks aint bad?!

Event is open to Vendor Space/Swap space if anyone is interested. Prolly cost ya another $5 or something.

Clear your calendars, ITS ON! i'm sure i forgot a bunch...

Image One High Performance Art
Custom Paint & Pinstriping