Tuesday, February 23, 2010


March 31st 09, a friend of mine shows up on a forum I'm on tells us how his best friend and a member of the forum lost his 8yo daughter to cystic fibrosis.Well the next day a couple of us saddled up the chops in 40* weather & rode the hundred miles to the viewing... the family are enthusiast like us.That was the most moving visitation I've ever been too. The line was about 1/2 hour long when we got there. All inside were pics of Anna, flowers and hundreds drawings & well wishings from grade school kids; on construction paper in crayon and the like. What a celebration of life! Anyway they have some stuff coming up & are supporters of R4YL, check the site & help if you can.


Gettin closer

Got the first of the giveaway stuff from TWT today!!!!

Oil tank builder's cap/tube. Super clean etched alluminum cap w/filler tube for oil tank. Filler neck is steel and can be welded in place, cap has o rings for a nice tight seal.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Just In:

has ponied up this.

- Free campin with actual bonfire & port-a-johns (please no poop behind the dumpster)
- They have ponied up for 2 kegs to be on site free to actual run friends
- GT is negating with a food vendor to be on site & sell food to runners (this will be a pay for your meal directly to this person type of deal) other wise it's about 30 miles to food.
Thanks to GT and the others for being friends of R4YL!

Old School Josh has ponied up a giveaway lid
Thanks Josh!

Official art dude of R4YL and ruler Logi hooks us up non stop. Click here

Thanks Logi!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free stuff!

Ok so here's what we do. We party, we camp, we ride, we party & we camp. It's a crazy good time with crazy good people, it's not the weekend HD stealership ride where there isn't even a bug on the bikes it's all about friends and chops. All this only costs the gas it takes to get here & the food you eat.
But we like to make it a little more, we are looking for sponsors to give us some of the stuff they make so we can give it away at the party (second one). If you give us stuff we add your logo and link on the side of this site & tell all our friends (for some reason that's a lot) all about your cool shit.

Then we give it away using a highly scientific & totally fair method passed down through the ages.... paper, rock scissors... crazy huh?

At this point some of or sponsors have hooked this up too, Saturday before the ride free breakfast cooked by one of our good friends. Then at the end of the ride there will be 2 free kegs waiting for those road weary riders provided by a sponsor to be named later.

This year promises to be epic don't let it slide by again.

Want to sponsor hit me up jschultz17@woh.rr.com (use topic R4YL please)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The guys over @ Violation Tour get what we're about. Check them out

Thanks for the plug guys!