Sunday, February 20, 2011

New sponsor

Think Signs LLC
Large format print shop specializing in vehicle wraps & graphics, trade show displays,  and more.
Installation available nationwide!
Check the website for more details and a small sampling of their work.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Some guys in Columbus are putting on a new event this year. Here's the skinny:


& good times!!!!


Home builders register your bike or Hot Rod if you dare for 10 dollars.


Bike/Rod registration and beer sales benefit:
Glass Axis (Non-Profit Glass Art Studio and Gallery)

Bands confirmed so far


-Shin Tower Music

-Hotel War

- Black Mountain Creeper

- Town Monster

So if you're looking for this kind of deal, jump in or on the vehicle of your choosing and get there, it promises to be a good time. 

Pinned website here
Chopcult link here 

Did I mention it's FREE??

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where will you be on Aug 5th?

This kid know's what's up! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RUN for your Life

I've been thinking about this post for a while, trying to get my thoughts about what we are and what we do into words for blogdom then realized it's easier to show the video.

This is what we do

R4YL 3.0 promo from Joel Hauenstein on Vimeo.

Ride, Drink, Camp Repeat. 
We hold strong to the idea that motorcycles are meant to be ridden not parked in a parking lot like a neat accessory. Whatever they may be stock bagger, crazy chop, sport bike, foreign and domestic we don't care as long as you're riding that thing.

So if this is what you're into come join us. 

And now a word from El Presidente de Image1 

Here's where we are at as of now.... 

Friday August 5th> Hillsboro, OH, same place as last year. We will have food and beer and some LIVE entertainment. Free camping. Other accomodations available within 10 miles. 

Saturday August 6th> Breakfast, hit the road! 160-ish miles of riding. More food, more beer, more camping, hope to have some live music again. 

Sunday August 7th> shake off the hangover and get your ass home! 

****************** HELP WANTED *************************** 
We are still trying to figure out the location for Saturday night. We are looking for private property in Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area. If you know of a place, please send me the contact info. 

Sponsor List so far: 

Image1 Art 
TWT chopper parts 
Blood Falcons 
Magneto Industries 
GT Motorsports 
Anna's Army 
Front St. Cycle 
Shortbus Customs 
Lowside Syndicate/Magazine 
Old School Helmets 

*if you are interested in being a sponsor this year, please email me>>> We are looking for anything from stickers to shirts to parts to cash.

Lowside Issue 4

It's out go get your copy here

Friday, February 11, 2011

Old School Helmets

Old School Helmets is back with us for another year as a sponsor. Last year they gave away a kick ass lid. Glad to have them back.  

Click the pic tour their site 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Violate or be Violated

Ever run across a group of people somewhere away from home who make you realize you might not be so weird after all? We've found some who are like us bent on having a kick ass good time in the heartland.
Last year the Violation Tour guys made the trip from Chicago and Ft Wayne to do what we do 

When they rolled in they had crazy stories of getting lost in Dayton and having to get a battery for one of the bikes but were stoked on the ride. If it were easy Paul Jr would do it.....

I recall them not being sure if they were going to do the event this year for various reasons none of which i really recall. *moonshine*

Well, in the words of me personal hero Wooderson....

"Not to worry, there's a new fiesta in the making as we speak..."

Violation Tour is on. You can follow their blog here and if you're on Chop Cult get all the detail here

This much I can tell you... You won't be sorry you got with these guys and had some fun

VT king pin Natas1979 has this to say 

ts free!!!
All bikes welcomed!!!
Free Camping!!!!
No Vendors!!

Sat. June 25th: Leave from the Chicagoland area, arrive in Savanna, IL. Savanna is a quaint lil river town with about 6-8 bars in the downtown area. This is a grass roots event that is based around choppers, beer, good roads, and meeting new friends. Free Camping at a local bar, (2) 24 hour showers.

Now who the fuck wouldn't want to do that? Once again here's Dan to let you know you need to get a set if you're on the fence here....

Monday, February 7, 2011

OG sponsors

Speaking of sponsors TWT Mike is cooking up some good shit for us again this year. Mike is a ruler with aluminum and an all around solid guy. He's been on board with us from the beginning 

Here's some recent stuff he's done for us 

Click here to see more of his stuff

Short Bus Customs is back again this year and now he's a dealer for these folks.
Paughco, V-Twin, Mid-USA, Midwest, Daytona Helmets, and Coker Tire
You need it? He can hook it up, plus he has his own line of nice parts. Like these bad ass cowbell mounts

Go here and check it out

Last one for today is Dayton's own Front Street Cycle. Craig makes the worlds finest handle bars and fenders. Image1 and I both run FSC bars

Click here for more 

See ya on the road

Who's ready for some long hauls and close calls?

Yesterday I was shoveling my drive way for what seems like the millionth time when I slipped into a coma like state dreaming of warmer days, motorbikes and cold Highlife. When all at once I realized it’s only 179 days till R4YL… 179 days ago I was still hung over from R4YL 2010 and couldn’t get that smell of burning rubber and alcohol out of my skin.
Well boys and girls we’re less that ½ way there again and you know what they say... "all good shit happens in threes." Could this be the last event? Maybe or maybe not, but do you want to take that risk? We have a 100% guarantee here. If you like riding, drinking and camping you will not be disappointed with this run, it’s all we care about.

With that I’ll leave it to our newest sponsor to tell you what’s up:

“We're already over half way to R4YL 3.0! Fix your bike, sell your kids, quit your job, divorce your wife. Do whatever you gotta do to make it! You won't be disappointed. 3 days in 3 states this year! Man the fuck up.” ~ Motoguru, Blood Falcons President and GoFast! Detroit Nomad 

We're stoked to have the Blood Falcons back for another year and like he said "Man the fuck up" 

If you're not sure how to man the fuck up Dan illustrates 

Speaking of support look over there at the list of "mofo's who watch us" Click the links and take the ride. Those people have links to us and like the same shit we do. Shout out to Ryan for linking up to us over @

Now get that sled in order it's almost time 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sponsor back on board

 Click here and support LowSide