Monday, February 7, 2011

Who's ready for some long hauls and close calls?

Yesterday I was shoveling my drive way for what seems like the millionth time when I slipped into a coma like state dreaming of warmer days, motorbikes and cold Highlife. When all at once I realized it’s only 179 days till R4YL… 179 days ago I was still hung over from R4YL 2010 and couldn’t get that smell of burning rubber and alcohol out of my skin.
Well boys and girls we’re less that ½ way there again and you know what they say... "all good shit happens in threes." Could this be the last event? Maybe or maybe not, but do you want to take that risk? We have a 100% guarantee here. If you like riding, drinking and camping you will not be disappointed with this run, it’s all we care about.

With that I’ll leave it to our newest sponsor to tell you what’s up:

“We're already over half way to R4YL 3.0! Fix your bike, sell your kids, quit your job, divorce your wife. Do whatever you gotta do to make it! You won't be disappointed. 3 days in 3 states this year! Man the fuck up.” ~ Motoguru, Blood Falcons President and GoFast! Detroit Nomad 

We're stoked to have the Blood Falcons back for another year and like he said "Man the fuck up" 

If you're not sure how to man the fuck up Dan illustrates 

Speaking of support look over there at the list of "mofo's who watch us" Click the links and take the ride. Those people have links to us and like the same shit we do. Shout out to Ryan for linking up to us over @

Now get that sled in order it's almost time