Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Violate or be Violated

Ever run across a group of people somewhere away from home who make you realize you might not be so weird after all? We've found some who are like us bent on having a kick ass good time in the heartland.
Last year the Violation Tour guys made the trip from Chicago and Ft Wayne to do what we do 

When they rolled in they had crazy stories of getting lost in Dayton and having to get a battery for one of the bikes but were stoked on the ride. If it were easy Paul Jr would do it.....

I recall them not being sure if they were going to do the event this year for various reasons none of which i really recall. *moonshine*

Well, in the words of me personal hero Wooderson....

"Not to worry, there's a new fiesta in the making as we speak..."

Violation Tour is on. You can follow their blog here and if you're on Chop Cult get all the detail here

This much I can tell you... You won't be sorry you got with these guys and had some fun

VT king pin Natas1979 has this to say 

ts free!!!
All bikes welcomed!!!
Free Camping!!!!
No Vendors!!

Sat. June 25th: Leave from the Chicagoland area, arrive in Savanna, IL. Savanna is a quaint lil river town with about 6-8 bars in the downtown area. This is a grass roots event that is based around choppers, beer, good roads, and meeting new friends. Free Camping at a local bar, (2) 24 hour showers.

Now who the fuck wouldn't want to do that? Once again here's Dan to let you know you need to get a set if you're on the fence here....

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