Monday, June 25, 2012

Almost that time!!!

Yes this thing is still going on! And its gonna be here before you know it, so get out to the shop and get that heap into a rolling heap! I know i haven't posted up much info on this thing so far, but things have been going on behind the scene, and i'm not on the computer much these days. This years run will be much like last year. Thursday (August 2nd) night pre-party @ the Barn, featuring LIVE music from Mississippi Bones, grub and brews. Friday will be roughly a 200 mile ride to south eastern ohio, with a private camping spot near Pomeroy, OH. Friday night will also have LIVE music (yep, two nights in a row!) featuring Uncle Wayne! Saturday will again be about 200 miles of riding, highlighted by the 'Tripple Nickle' (OH 555) then along the Ohio river and into the heart of West BY GOD! Virginia, so bring the brain lid along. Saturdays camp spot will be near Glennville, WV. and as always will be the Rock Paper Scissors/swag giveaway. As always, jump on or off the run at anytime, come for a night, or the whole time. I will post camp addresses closer to the date. I'm also adding a little extra prize for those of you that brave it on choppers. In no way do i want to discourage people from coming because the have a stock bike, we DON'T CARE about that, come out and have fun! I just feel like doing a little something special for the chopper jockeys. As always, we're lookin for new swag sponsors, email me if you want more info. We've got the t-shirt design worked out, and i think you guys are gonna love it. We've got a few stickers printed up so far, and there will be plenty to go around. So there ya have ,it, i'm sure i'm leaving out a few minor/important things, but you guys know how i operate! First Week of August, get here, bring the campin gear, some gas and grub money and the mason jar! Its time to Ride, Drink, Camp, Repeat!!!!!

little something to tide ya over till then...

R4YL IV from Kate Fletcher on Vimeo.