Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RUN for your Life

I've been thinking about this post for a while, trying to get my thoughts about what we are and what we do into words for blogdom then realized it's easier to show the video.

This is what we do

R4YL 3.0 promo from Joel Hauenstein on Vimeo.

Ride, Drink, Camp Repeat. 
We hold strong to the idea that motorcycles are meant to be ridden not parked in a parking lot like a neat accessory. Whatever they may be stock bagger, crazy chop, sport bike, foreign and domestic we don't care as long as you're riding that thing.

So if this is what you're into come join us. 

And now a word from El Presidente de Image1 

Here's where we are at as of now.... 

Friday August 5th> Hillsboro, OH, same place as last year. We will have food and beer and some LIVE entertainment. Free camping. Other accomodations available within 10 miles. 

Saturday August 6th> Breakfast, hit the road! 160-ish miles of riding. More food, more beer, more camping, hope to have some live music again. 

Sunday August 7th> shake off the hangover and get your ass home! 

****************** HELP WANTED *************************** 
We are still trying to figure out the location for Saturday night. We are looking for private property in Southern Indiana/Louisville, KY area. If you know of a place, please send me the contact info. 

Sponsor List so far: 

Image1 Art 
TWT chopper parts 
Blood Falcons 
Magneto Industries 
GT Motorsports 
Anna's Army 
Front St. Cycle 
Shortbus Customs 
Lowside Syndicate/Magazine 
Old School Helmets 

*if you are interested in being a sponsor this year, please email me>>> overdriveplus@hotmail.com. We are looking for anything from stickers to shirts to parts to cash.

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