Sunday, April 18, 2010

Route scouting

Got in a route run this weekend, we have a little more to cover but it has it all. Long smooth flat stretches, rolling hills, city & country with some moderately aggressive curvy areas. All pretty smooth and wide for hard tails and club style riding if you so choose, traffic should be light on these roads as well. We also secured beer for the site and are working on food; we’re going to be about 20mi from civilization so we’re trying to make sure it’s all on site. Food will be pay as you go beer will be free (we have priorities) Here are some shots of the route. We had to ride back up bikes as none of our chops are done yet….


  1. "some moderately aggressive curvy areas"???? You Guys live in the middle of Ohio. Go straight on flat road, turn 90 degrees and repeat! LOL!

  2. LOL! True where we are but as you get further south roads go back to normal