Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rules of Engagement

People (sponsors: see list on side bar) give us all kinds of neato shit to give away during the weekend. After much hand ringing on the first R4YL trying to sort out how to fairly give this stuff away we decided on a highly scientific fool proof (maybe I should say fool resistant?) approach.... 

Rock, paper, scissors

Honestly, it's one of my favorite times of the run. A bunch of drunken road weary knuckleheads; not the Born Free 3 give away kind, the cheaper more entertaining kind; trying to play rock paper scissors for all kinds of loot. Good times indeed.

While we have endured some allegations of ineligibility by our seemingly pro host, you can take peace in knowing he's an amateur at best. To prove we're good sports, here are some tips to help you win some shit this year.

Oh and by the way according to our conveniently placed count down thingy over there --> 
we have less than 150 days till this show takes to the road. We have our finial destination set and are looking at about 200 miles on Sat. So if that heap of steel and rubber isn't in the shape of a functioning motorbike yet.... you better get your shit in gear. 

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