Thursday, April 14, 2016

Around the shop

Work on the Meatjammer continues... throw the old junk in the corner. Here's where things got interesting... The 'new' motor would only shift to 3rd gear, ended up being a shifter fork issue. I swapped all the transmission parts from my '78 over into the older (pre-'77) engine. Those that know SOHC 750's will know where i'm going with this... '77-78 Honda changed to a 630 drive chain, and consequently needed a longer output shaft. So, i figured, easy enough, swap the output shaft over as well, right? Nope. Shaft is not only longer, the bearing location changed. So i had to machine the '78 shaft to the earlier dimenion. Got the rest of the engine all assemebled, and now back in the bike and running great! Got the top-end back on Outlaw's shovel, starting to look like a bike again! Did some paint work on a helmet for a friend

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