Thursday, June 18, 2009


We've finally got some of the 'Ride to the Run' details worked out. Looks like we will be meeting up in Mansfield, OH near the intersection of 71 and 30. Streeter (admin & creator of is gonna offer up his shop for us to gather at. Any roadside repairs that need made, can be made. Let's shoot for 6:00PM. We'll grab some gas and tear on down 30 to the Barn, should be about an hour ride from Streeter's place.


1531 Olivesburg Rd.
Mansfield ohio

Good news! 81 (the state route from Ada to the barn) is currently being re-paved! Hopefully they fix the railroad crossing too, but either way nice new asphalt is in the works, should be a primo spot for some side by side action.

couch marks the spot, 85 (Barn Road)

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