Friday, June 12, 2009

What's Up?

Soooooo.... what is the hostest with the mostest riding on the run?!

well, hopefully the Triumph! I've been busy trying to get these three old girls back into running condition. I'm still waiting! on my crankshafts to get back from the machinist. Had to get 2 polished, and one turned -.010 So, in the meantime, i have been spending some extra time on the HotRod of the group. I removed the fins on the transcover, and also some of the extra casting on the outter transmission. I also drilled the cam wheels to lighten them up a bit. This motor is also getting a set of Megacycle cams, high comp pistons, Black diamond valves, lightweight crank, Sidedraft carb w/ 36mm Mikuni and its a 5spd/21t!!! Hopefully i'll have it finished up in time! If not, me and the chicken have some talkin' to do, cause i'm NOT taking the damn couch!

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