Monday, August 9, 2010


So Friday was actually a great party man Pliers rocked the house and many a beer were drank, sat was a great ride (slowest 180 of my life but whatever it's part of the game) Grey beards at the Burro were telling me we were "doing it right" so that's cool. One thing of note was; there were probably twice the amount of people from out of state than there were from Ohio. As I recall Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Michigan, New York, Canada, Missouri, and of course Ohio were in attendance. Pliers & Poop De Flex  rocked with us all damn night. 

Nate (shin guard if you hit twine ball run) rode a Yamaha Vstar 650 we dubbed tetanus from Oklahoma, with an intake manifold held together with JB weld and electrical tape at speeds well over the posted speed limit. When he got to Oh he was pulled over by OSP for 85 in a 65, with a machete strapped to his bike and got out with a WARNING!!! Anyone from Oh will tell you OSP rarely gives warnings. He tried having the intake welded here and that caused a ton more problems. He worked on that bike all night Friday and again Sat, in the end he made the run. All while parting full throttle the entire time. This netted him the OldSchool Helmets giveaway lid as our Long Hauls and Close calls award.
Unfortunately as of this morning he is broke down in KY waiting for a trailer to come get him but he’s in good spirits. 

Sat was another good time with beer and food provided by the great people @ Anna’s Army. The party included a burn out pit for those who dig that stuff, an epic battle of rock paper scissors for a chance at the give away stuff as well as a bar rising bon fire that was only missing a sacrificial virgin.


If you’re ever around KlubFoot avoid swings he’s deadly!

Violation tour guys were there in full force (we’re doin that tour next year wherever it may be) Great to meet you guys. 

I’m sure I left some out as the hangover is still knee deep in my ass but that’s all part of the game.

If you missed this again… you have 361 days to decide you can’t miss R4YL 3.0… 8.5.2011….

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