Friday, August 13, 2010

R4YL 3.O

R4YL 3.O
After a very short discussion we agreed that we’re down to do this again. But then you already knew that. Here’s some stuff you didn’t know. We saw some things we know we can do better while maintaining the randomness in how we operate.
We pretty well know our start and end points but are keeping them on the down low for a while.
We know pretty much who will show and who won’t so we’re gonna listen to those guys and make it into something they would like while at the same time giving the new person a quality event that they can be as stoked on it as the rest of us.
This year:
Route: Yeah we got a loose route figured out and we’re both pretty stoked on it. If you rode with me to the Borro and recall the curves and elevation changes on down 136 when we went past GT’s road, then you have a good idea what to expect for most of the ride.
Parties: Of course, but no details

Here’s a teaser. Since this is R4YL 3.O we’re going to be riding in 3 states over the 3 days…

8.5.2011…Mark it down 357 days will fly by