Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Around the shop/Cheap Thrills NJ

this weeks around the shop is a travelling edition, with most of the 'in shop' portion coming from the garage of Roost Cycles' Pete Jackson. Outlaw staying steady at the wheel on the way to New York the 'Mojo Hand' rode along with us Pete's Garage Terrapan & Mojo Hand spending some quality time together Captain Pete kickin' Terrapan to life for the first time since New Mexico! Didn't really take any pics at Cheap Thrills show, i was too busy drinkin beer, bullshittin' and getting this tattoo. Thanks again to Josh Kohn for the ink work!


  1. them rockers are on upside down. just a fyi.

  2. interesting...I'm pretty sure Bill Holland set those up for him. I'll mention something to him.