Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mama Tried (part III)

Last segment from the Mama Tried Show. Sunday was supposed to feature ice racing, but with the unseasonably warm temps in Milwaukee, ice was a scarce commodity. The racing was 'cancelled' but I got word from Josh & Nick that they were gonna go somewhere and have fun with the bikes, ice or not. So we followed the procession of vans/trucks/trailers to some shipyard for some fun. Just as everyone started to get unloaded and ready, they started packing up again. Apparently someone had found some ice south of the city! So we followed them to Lily Lake, where there was a nice chunk of ice and a bar waiting for us! Tires were changed, wrenches were turned and soon the guys were making slushies with their studded tires. Nick even let me take his flathead for a rip later in the afternoon. What a great time! Josh, Brian & Nick getting the '45 ready! Kenny Getting the cutdowns ready for the ice Scott/Noise Cycles suiting up Nick & the Knuckle Josh Hollywood Nick's Flatty Noise Ironhead Strategy time Nick & Hollywood Brian

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